Jéan has experienced the music industry in its many variations, from jamming with original bands to performing with world class professionals. He takes pride in being a team player, tailoring his playing to suit the situation – simplicity, creativity, dynamics etc. No matter how big or small the gig, his approach is always 100% professional.

“Unlike many talented drummers in S.A., who tend to stick to one genre of music, Jean is a multi-talented drummer who can nail most styles of music. His ability to play for the music and band has made him one of the sought after drummers in S.A., unfortunately we have lost yet another drummer, and we know wherever he goes on his travels, he will be an asset to whomever he comes into contact with.”

Adrian Smith
SA Drums & Percussion Magazine

“I like to describe Jean as a natural born drummer. He has unbelievable feel and an innate understanding of how to create great music. His dedication to his instrument really compliments his natural ability and it is no surprise why he has achieved such great success with his musical career so far. Jean is a very diverse drummer and I have seen him perform at extremely high levels with Rock/Pop Bands, Jazz & Blues Bands, Musical Theatre Productions, Solo Artist Performances as well as at Drum Clinics. Another aspect that makes Jean such a popular guy in the industry and on a personal level is his attitude and his hysterical sense of humour. He is one exciting musician to be around!”

Matthew Marinus
Figure of 8 Productions

“I’ve worked with Jean in both professional and creative environments here in London on projects that require dedication and skill. I’ve found his drumming style diverse and adaptable which is something rarely found in the modern music world. He has tracked drums for one of my bands singles using his personal studio with fantastic results. I’ve seen Jean performing live and his passion and natural flare for rhythm shine though. I wouldn’t think twice about working with Jean again!”

Jamie Dale


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